IPS 5" 51P HD TFT Resistive Touch LCD ILI9806G
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Size: 5.0 inch

IPS full view LCD screen

Interface: 8/16/18/24bit MCU interface, 16/18/24bit RGB interface

Color: 16M

Resolution: HD 480*RGB*854

Drive IC: ILI9806G


Touch: Resistive touch

Comes with more than 1MB in high speed memory, far higher than the ordinary monolithic memory. Allows ordinary MCU can drive, much less high-grade ARM7, ARM9.

Backlight using the current recognized series of constant current flow design. Series design, the current is quite, effectively protect the backlight

Using dual frame design; the first, the steel of various box, with two expansion coefficient of complementary material is made into an inner box, the wide temperature as far as possible to keep backlight is more uniform and improve light transmission efficiency, picture is brighter and more stable; the double box, all inclusive type steel frame, effectively strengthen the anti-jamming, anti radiation, with internal frame, the backlight pressure more flat, and further enhance the transmission efficiency of the backlight, increase the brightness, reduce eye lamp effect prevent the reduction of the lateral light leak. In addition, double frame design: appearance more beautiful, structure stronger.

The screen using the most common LCD screen elements, can be on the placement machine, reflow soldering, low cost, high yield, beautiful, fast production, design is to produce and live.

Offer information on the procedures, schematics and PCB, circuit package were validated can direct the system board. 

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